“I’ve worked with many editors in the past and can recommend Carmen Erickson without reservations to anyone looking for a professional, thorough and extremely detailed edit. I will certainly be using her again, which speaks volumes about her skills. She helped polish my manuscript, and work out the bugs in the story. Thank you, Carmen!”

Kendall Ryan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Resisting Her, The Impact of You, Working It, and many other top-selling titles. Over 2 million copies sold!


“My undying gratitude goes to editor extraordinaire, Carmen Erickson. She’s a rockstar! Her passion, support, and encouragement really helped keep me going. Without her savvy critiques, fantastical editing skills, and wicked sense of humor during the many, many drafts of this book, it really would’ve sucked. So, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

(excerpt from Acknowledgments of Immortal Eclipse)

“You are truly an awesome editor. Your dedication and passion on a project shines through in your critiques and feedback. I am forever grateful for your keen insight and thoughtful suggestions on ways to improve a scene or an overall story arc.”

Sherry Soule, author of the Charmed Chronicles Series (formerly Spellbound Series), Immortal Eclipse, Starlight Saga Series, and the Fiction Writing Tools books


“I had to hire different editors to work on my book for several editions and other language translations. I have to say, Carmen Erickson is by far the best editor I had. There are 3 things that I mind the most about people I work with: They should be professional, easy going, and right on schedule. Carmen was super accurate with her work. She is super pleasant to work with, and she was ahead of the schedule! Plus, she was and still is very helpful with giving tips and guidance whenever I need. It feels like Carmen isn’t doing the work only because you hired her… I felt that she really cares, like a good old friend. If you think I am just enchanted by Carmen, talking so highly about her, know this: Supernatural Hero started getting great reviews on the editing itself only after Carmen worked on it. Thank you, Carmen, for taking my book to the next level.”

Eran Gadot, award-winning author of Supernatural Hero, Supernatural Hero and the Witches, and Supernatural Hero and the Zombies

  • Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook 2016 – Winner
  • Beverly Hills Book Awards 2014 – Winner
  • Reader’s Favorite Book contest 2014 – Silver Medal
  • IPPY Book Awards 2014 – Bronze Medal 
  • Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2014 – Honorable Mention
  • Indie Excellence Book Awards 2014 – Finalist
  • London Book Festival 2013 – Honorable Mention


“Carmen edited ten of my short stories and I fell in love with her style and commitment to not only finding technical errors, but really bringing the story to life and making it sing. I decided to hire her to edit my novel – the fourth book in the series – and I cannot believe how much detail she put into cleaning up my manuscript. I wish I had worked with her on the first three books! She is truly amazing. Not only does she catch grammatical mistakes, she finds words that get repeated 18 – 37 times throughout a manuscript, and she’ll let you know when something doesn’t jive, or a character needs more emotion or a physical description. Her feedback is enlightening and enriching, and her comments are incredibly helpful. I’ve learned so much about the art of writing by working with Carmen. Sometimes she’ll throw in a personal comment with a photo that is pure laugh out loud fun. It’s wonderful working with an editor who really cares about the story and wants to bring out the best in the author. I’m looking forward to sending her all of my manuscripts.”

Simone Pond, USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author of Voices of the Apocalypse Series, The New Agenda Series, and The Mysterium Chronicles


“Carmen edited my novel, and never once did I feel this was just a job for her. She is professional, but more than that, she is a trusted mentor. I am a new author and, of everything I have spent money on trying to hone my craft, her services have been the most valuable. One of my critique partners said, “Your writing has improved so much in such a short time.” Carmen is one of the biggest reasons why. In fact, she helped me so much that when my daughter finished writing her book, I gave her Carmen’s editing services as her wedding present. I figured after she published, her new husband would benefit from my present too.

Carmen helped me with pacing, insight (when my characters did things that didn’t make sense), grammar, and so very much more.”

Michele Cantwell, women’s fiction writer


“Carmen is exceptional. She preserved the heart and soul of the story, while still helping the manuscript soar. Professional, accurate, and extremely insightful, Carmen took my writing to new heights. It’s simple, if you are looking for an editor and are scared of choosing the wrong one – you won’t regret working with Carmen. I spent weeks researching dozens of editors before selecting Carmen, and took the same the deep breath all authors do before starting the editing process (especially when working with a new editor for the first time), but with Carmen I was quickly able to exhale and get excited about this final stage of the book.

Carmen goes above and beyond, providing options, examples, and engaging you in a dialogue where necessary on those tricky issues.

Thank you, Carmen, I look forward to working with you on my next series.”

J.J. Holt, author of White Night


“Carmen Erickson goes over and beyond the call of duty. Her patience and guidance helped me step-by-step on how to show the story instead of telling it. Let’s face it, as writers we all love to tell instead of show. She also gave me sites and forums that help with creativity and describing the settings of the story. Plus, the amount of resources she has improved my writing style.”

Ellie Hart, author of The Descendant, New Dawn, and Dreamscapes


“Working with Carmen has been immensely beneficial for my writing. Her feedback is detailed and constructive, touching on everything from POV and passive voice to overall critiques of scenes and plot progression. Not only has she helped me improve individual manuscripts, but I’m confident that I’m a better writer overall after working with her.”

Ashley Leath, YA writer, Food Editor, and critique partner


“Carmen Erickson is a perceptive editor and brainstormer with a dedicated focus on pacing. She not only gets to the core of potential problems with a manuscript, but asks the insightful questions that allow the author to explore other possible avenues and solutions.”

Helene Dunbar, critique partner and author of These Gentle Wounds, What Remains, and Boomerang