Book Editing Magic offers a variety of services to fit your editorial needs.

A copyedit checks for spelling, punctuation, grammar, missing words, repeated words/phrases, terminology, and basic sentence structure. Suggestions will also be made for tightening wordy sentences and improving flow for readability. This service does not include an assessment of larger issues, like plot or characterization.

$1.60 per page

Developmental/Substantive editing
This is a deep line edit with a keen eye for the big picture. Your manuscript will be assessed for plot, character development, story arc, pacing, clarity, flow, and overall structure. Recommendations will be given in-line to enhance plot, deepen or strengthen characterization, and improve narrative. This service also includes all elements listed under copyediting. To ensure editing style is a fit for you, a free three-page editing sample is available upon request.

$2.00 per page

Submissions Package
When submitting to an agent or a publisher, we could all use a little magic. This is an evaluation of your query letter, synopsis (single-spaced, 1-3 pages), and first ten manuscript pages. Critique will include in-line comments, suggestions to enhance or strengthen, and thorough line-edits.

$40.00 flat rate

First Chapter 
Nothing is more important to hook readers or an agent than having strong first pages. This service provides an evaluation of how effectively you keep your readers glued to the page and includes deep line editing.

$30.00 flat rate (up to 15 pages)

*Prices are based on standard formatted pages (double-spaced, 12 point Times New  Roman font).
*All comments and edits will be made via Microsoft Word Track Changes feature.
*All services listed above include a one-time pass. If interested, a second look will be  offered at a discount.
*Discounts offered to past or present members of the US Military.
*Need something that isn’t listed? Other services available upon request.

Turnaround Time
Turnaround time is dependent upon the scope of the project. However, edits are generally completed within two weeks. If there is a backlog or extra time is needed, you’ll be informed when services are booked.

Payment is accepted via PayPal invoice only, US dollars. Upon receipt of your manuscript, you’ll receive a PayPal invoice for half, and will be billed for the second half upon completion.